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  • anything else you want for the great ball togepi? and i'm not worried about IVs. i've been spamming for togepi safari for ages and no one's even responded lol :(
    yeah, serene grace is the ability i want lol. i don't care about the HA, i just wanted premier and great ball to breed with lol
    sorry, was trying to find the right spitback. i believe this one has all four egg moves (pursuit / knock off / drill run / megahorn), but you'll need to heart scale them back unfortunately :(
    it's got the HA and it's female though. let me know if you need any heart scales and/or if it doesn't have all the correct egg moves though. i'm off to get some dinner, so i'll check when i return!
    and thank you very much! this has been one of my biggest wants forever lol
    I'll take a 4 IV Togepi Spitback. I can give a female 4IV frmale Bunnelby in a nest ball. No egg moves but none are relevant anyway
    you can switch it out whenever, however if you do switch tangela out you need to heal it for 1/3 of its HP at least.

    Basically, give it artificial Regenerator. Or feel the wrath of Stun Spore!
    i'm back, hit me on irc (server is and any channel mainly #pokemon )
    Hi, I'm EST, or GMT - 5. I can play any weekday 11:00 PM - 3:00 AM EST (4:00 AM - 8:00 AM GMT) or a pretty wide range on Saturday / Sunday.

    Tell me a more specific range for the weekday.
    ALRIGHT, sorry I mist you last night, got into some things after I got off of work. I'm avilable now, my name on PS is Requiem, I'll keep an eye for you on here so that we can link up.
    The only events that I've personally RNGed are:

    Lv. 100 Zekrom (Naughty)
    Lv. 15 Victini (Jolly)
    Lv. 50 Victini (Modest)

    don't have much since I was on and off on BW, so I missed a lot of events (i had the Darkrai one, but my little brother wanted it and I didn't have an AR before then so I gave it to him).
    Is there anything you are looking for for the Genesect(s)?

    Also, about the torchic, yeah I really wanted an Adamant version. I'll keep searching.
    When I EV train, I do the actual EV training and level to 50 max. Since I have to do it without the limitless amount of Rare Candy others have.
    If you can trade gen5, you can trade gen4. I'll just give you skarm for a credit. Will you clone and return it?
    Sorry, was just catching some pokes :)
    ummm, busy thursday and later today. Free quite a bit tmrw, as I am on summer break now :)
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